General Improvement ideas

Ok, since there's NO discusions whatsoever, I'll be the first to start one up. This disscuion is about ideas that we have that can or could improve the game and talking abotu them with each other to make them greater, so that they can be implemented. So, I'll start off with and idea of mine: Daily Sign-in rewards. I understand the first 10 day rewards thing for first time players, but the fact that there's no daily rewards for joining the game is notibly one of the problems that makes players not join on so much. I think, with Daily sign-in rewards, pople would play more, because the rewards would convicne them to join.

Here's an idea of what they could do:

Day 1 - 1,000 Money, Day 2 - 10 Quantum Cubes, Day 3 - Silver ticket, Day 4 - 10,000 money, Day 5 - 15 Quantum Cubes,

Day 6 - Golden Ticket, Day 7+ - Random reward from Days 1-6. They can change it up as they want since it's just an idea, but whatever the way it goes, Sign-in rewards would definately bring players back for more.