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Chiron Maximus
• 5/31/2016

Bug reports

This is going to be where we report bugs for the developers.

For example, I was fighting a Lava (Larva super zombie) and it had a 32 super DNA boots, but I lost it, so I initiated a tracking device to find it, but an ad pops up, so I press back to get out of it, and the search was called off! I lost a super zombie tracker AND a chance at a good amount of Super DNA! This isn't the first time this bug happened to me, so either they get rid of the ads that pop up during super zombie attacks, or they give compensation for every occurance that happens!

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Chiron Maximus
• 6/11/2016

Here's another bug. At some points in PVP, when the players are selected and it attempts to load the game, it won't load at all, and be stuk on the spinner. This is very impractical and annoying, especially if you have a large winning streak, and this bug hapens, and you lose all your porgress. This has happened to me several times, solidifying my point that PV is buggy and inefficient.

• 11/20/2016

And two more bugs: After I beat floor 1000, when I wnet into PVP, my part of the combat screen was all white with the exception of the door, my vehicle, and my combat squad wiht the robot; I think the game never fully registerd the floors after Floor 1000, so it's a white blank. The other bug is that I cannot claim the supply drop on Floor 1000; after the cutscene played, I believe I tried to pick it up when the game was trying to tell me what hapened, and now I can't pick it up at all. I don't know if anyone reads these at all, but I most certainly think that the developer would know what is going on and work to fix thses issues.

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