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Each Booster increases a certain aspect of the game. For first time players, there is a starter package available for purchase which consists of the Cube Detector, the Zombie Detector, and ten million Money.


- Improves carrying sample efficiency by 60. At the start of the game, the carrier has a Carrying Skill value of 60. The current maximum for Carrying Skill without Specialist boost is 360.

Laser Cannon

- Destroys firewall with great energy. Each upgrade adds 100 and first upgrade unlocks Laser Master specialist. The current maximum for Laser Cannon power without Specialist boost is 1,000.

Sample Refrigerator

- Can sell samples at higher prices. Upgrades increase sample value by 20%, current maximum is 200%.

Cube Detector

- Detects the location of doors that Quantum Cubes are behind and takes you to them. There is only one upgrade to this booster which costs 3,800 Quantum Cubes and purchasing this booster unlocks the Cube Finder Specialist.

Zombie Detector

- Detects the locations of Super Zombies and takes you to the floor they are located.

Super ARMS

- Increases Combat Squad AP during the engagement of a Super Zombies. Each upgrade adds 1,000 to total AP during Super Zombie Fights, including PVP and the first upgrade unlocks the Doctor Super ARMS Specialist. The current maximum for Super ARMS AP without Specialist boost is 10,000.

Bomb Strengthen

- Increases the power of Firewall Bombs by 100% per upgrade. Current maximum AP boost percentage is 2000%.

Search Ships

- Shortens search times for Area Scout Specialists. Each upgrade takes away 5% of total search time for each Area Scout; confirmed maximum is 50%, making the Area 1 Scout take only 15 minutes, Area 2 Scout taking 1.5 hours, Area 3 Scout taking 3 hours, Area 4 Scout taking 6 hours, and finally Area 5 Scout taking 12 hours to finish.

Bomb Maker

- Produces Firewall Bombs at a regular interval. Each upgrade increases Firewall Bombs created by 1 and the maximum level creats10 bombs at a time.