Combat squad can count up to five members once you upgraded it.

Unit number Cost
1 → 2 1,200
2 → 3 1,500,000
3 → 4 10,000,000
4 → 5 100,000,000

When you add a member to your Squad, it'll increase the base Attack power by 100%. If all your soldiers are under a specialist effect, adding a member will allow a new specialist to be effective.

Unit Power Cost
Patrol Team 5 Free
BS Guard Team 1 10 100
BS Guard Team 2 20 15,000
Support Team 40 100,000
Security Team 80 1,500,000
SWAT 160 3,500,000
Commanders 320 12,800,000
Special Force 640 98,000,000
Marine 1280 400,000,000
Rangers 2560 900,000,000
  • Specialist

If you have a specialist that increase one of your Combat Squad member, the skin of one of the soldier will be replaced by the specialist. In no specific order, the specialists that change the skins of your combat squad are Red Fox,Jack McLaine, Blood jacket, Lady hawk, and finally Iron Shark. If you have a full squad of 5 members, you can see all 5 "Combat Squad" specialists; the only way to make your Combat Squad at this point is to unlock the Enhancement Center, which is obtained through purchasing all the upgrades for both Combat Squad and the Engineer Robot.

  • Super ARMS

Each SuperARMS upgrades will add 1000 Attack Power when you fight against SuperZombies. It's really effective in early game.