• Daily Mission

After clearing floor 100, Daily missions become available to complete for rewards; each day has it's own special infected, each more powerful than the last, starting with the weakest of them on Monday. Super Zombies in the daily mission glow red, as apposed to the green glow of the normal Super Zombies, to better tell them apart. Every mission requires you to kill 10 of each special zombie and the reward for each day gets better and better, to compensate for the zombies growing stronger.

Day of the Week Zombie Designation Reward upon completion
Monday Gramlin 5~50 Firewall bombs
Tuesday Incubus 200~400 Quantum Cubes
Wednesday EMP-Titan 400~800 Quantum Cubes
Thursday Beelzebub 1~3 Silver tickets
Friday Chimera 1000~2000 Quantum Cubes
Saturday Nox 1~2 Gold tickets
Sunday Nemesis 2~3 Gold Tickets