• Engineer Robot

The Engineer Robot is used to break down the firewalls that block each floor; as you upgrade the parts to your robot, the more powerful it becomes and the faster the firewall goes down. The firewalls get progressively stronger, so upgrading your Engineer Robot is crucial for keeping a stable pace; of course, you can hold back on purchasing the robot upgrades so that the firewalls take longer to bring down, allowing you more time to gather Samples, hunt Super Zombies and purchase other upgrades for Combat Squad, Vehicle and other.

Drill Body Turbine Power T.P
CD-256 DM-75 DMBP-75 100 1.2
CD-512 DM-225 DMBP-225 200 1.4
Terra Core SDM-1 SP-1 400 1.6
Giga Core SDM-2 SP-2 800 1.8
Iron Punch Armored Man Steam Turbine 1300 2.0
Point Punch Heaby Armored Man Nuclear Turbine 1900 2.2
Striker Scorpion Scorpion Tail 2600 2.4
Terminator Bluebird Bug Hearts 3400 2.6
Destroyer Brutal Lloyd Lloyd Backpacks 4300 2.8
Hercules Zeus Zeus Wing 5300 3.0