• Research

Research is where you get new data on Super Zombies, and upgrade your Research Level to increase how much Super DNA they drop upon capture, which is used for Premium Draw in Specialists. Every 100 floors has one unique Super Zombie, each more powerful and drops more Super DNA than the last; to increase Research Level for a Super Zombie, you must successfully capture the required number of that Super Zombie and pay the amount of Money shown. Each new Research level adds the base number of Super DNA given at at Research Level 0, up until Research Level 10.

  • Giant Super Zombies

Occasionally when initiating an attack on any kind of Super Zombie, there is a chance that it becomes a Giant Super Zombie, which has double of the SP of the standard version of the Super Zombie. In addition of being harder to capture, the Giant Super Zombies from with rewards boosts that increase the amount of Money or Super DNA you earn; the biggest money boost is x120 and the biggest Super DNA boost is x32 and every bonus is randomized. Capturing a Giant Super Zombie only increases the number captured by 1, so even if you catch that mammoth of a zombie, if you only have, for example, 17/35 captured for Infected Guard, it will only go up by 1, and Giant Super Zombie captures do not share among other super zombie factors and doe not grant extra Research Levels after Research Level 10.

Super Zombie (Reference if implied) Floors Seen on Reward at RL(1) 0 Reward at RL10
Infected Guard 0~99F 1 Super DNA 11 Super DNA
Subject M16 (Orangutan) 100~199F 2 Super DNA 22 Super DNA
Mutant Creature (Xenomorph) 200~299F 3 Super DNA 33 Super DNA
Spider Queen 300~399F 4 Super DNA 44 Super DNA
Human Mod 400~499F 5 Super DNA 55 Super DNA
Weapon Mod 500~599F 6 Super DNA 66 Super DNA
Lava (Possible meant to be Larva) 600~699F 7 Super DNA 77 Super DNA
Hades (Ruler of Underworld in Greek Mythology) 700~799F 8 Super DNA 88 Super DNA
Lamiah 800~899F 9 Super DNA 99 Super DNA
Apopphis 900~999F 10 Super DNA 110 Super DNA

(1) Stands for Research Level