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Samples are items automatically extracted from Zombies on each floor; they are used for earning quick Money by selling them and also to build upgrades for the Vehicle and the Engineer Robot[1] after purchasing the blueprints for each respectively. The more floors you unlock, the faster earlier samples are acquired and newer types of Samples are unlocked as you go further down.

Sample Name Floor unlocked at Sell rate for Money
Normal Serum 0001F x1/Sample
Discolored Serum x3/Sample
Infected Serum x4/Sample
Evolved Serum x6/Sample
Mutant Serum x8/sample
Y-kit x10/Sample
G-kit x20/Sample
B-kit x30/Sample
R-kit x40/Sample
P-kit x50/Sample
Y-Uranium x100/Sample
G-Uranium x200/Sample
B-Uranium x300/Sample
R-Uranium 300F x400/Sample
P-Uranium x500/Sample