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Being one of the main points of the game and an important source for money, Survivors are trapped in the lower halls of the facility and need to be rescued; each survivor has a target goal of 5, which can be turned in for a lump sum of money depending on the survivor and if you have more than 5 of one type of survivors, only 5 will be rescued and the rest will have to wait until you save up to five again. To rescue survivors, you will have to watch the doors all the way to the left for a yellow glow, which is the signal for a trapped survivor; when you see it, better tap it fast, because like the Quantum Cubes, it won't last forever.

When you gain the Rescue Force specialist in, you have a chance of getting more than one survivor at once and when the chance is 100% above, you will always rescue more than one survivor. On that note, be careful when you get your Rescue Force specialist upgraded, because if the maximum number of specialists saved from is 5 and you have only 4 of a specialist, those 4 will be stuck forever, so when your specialist is one upgrade away from lv 20 which has a 400% chance, make sure your survivor count for every type is either empty or a value of 5.

Survivor Location Reward Name Description Quote
Girl 0~49F 4,000 Chloe A little girl holding a teddy bear "Where is my mum?

I'm so sacred."

Safety Guard 50~99F 10,000 Matt A young safety guard in the

Hive research center

"This way!

The inside of Hive is full of Zombies!"

Security Clerk 100~149F 20,000 Nina The security clerk of Hive dressed in a red skirt "Everything has been messed up~ What actually happened?!"
Admin Clerk 150~199F 40,000 Jennifer A young bright woman who does not get the situation yet "Wow! It's a zombie~

Are you shooting a movie or something?"

Boy 200~249F 60,000 Peter A brave-looking boy

holding a toy knife

"I'm not afraid!

I will protect my mom and dad!"

Resident 250~299F 100,000 Kelly A healthy-looking

blond housewife

"Anyone seen my boy Peter?

Where the hell has he gone to..."

Visitor 300~349F 160,000 Anna A young lady with

light outing clothes

"I was going to an amusement park with my boyfriend who lives in the Have accommodation and

what the heck is this?"

Computer Researcher 350~399F 240,000 Edward A young data processing researcher wearing thick glasses "Since emergency power operated, thankfully the server and data are safe. However all means of communication to outside are cut off."
Physics Researcher 400~449F 340,000 N/A N/A N/A
Biochem Researcher 450~499F 460,000 Jessica Brown colored hair woman researcher with uniform "Thank you for saving me!

I thought I'd never see the sun again!"

Design Engineer 500~549F 600,000 N/A N/A N/A
Machine Engineer 550~599F 760,000 Sam A middle-aged man dressed like an engineer "The situation is not good.

I heard that you are looking for the machine room. It's not far away!"

Develop Engineer 600~649F 940,000 N/A N/A N/A
Dr. Environment 650~699F 1,140,000 Gerrald A middle-aged guy who is a doctor

having a face clouded with anxiety

"I knew this could happen but I could not stop the machine as the HQ of Bio-storm did not listen to me."
Robotics Expert 700~749F 1,360,000 Harrison Young robot engineering researcher with uniform "Oh! The engineer robot you are using is made of the technology I developed! You should thanks to me."
Energy Expert 750~799F 1,600,000 Christopher An old doctor with a crooked back standing with the help of a stick "I cannot believe the research about new energy I have put all rest of my life with Dr. Norton as I thought this to be a research for the humanity's future brought this kind of tragedy"
A.I. Expert 800~849F 1,860,000 Angela An old maid who is a doctor wearing a unique headset "I have put all my life on artificial intelligence research

But there is nothing I can do about his situation. I better enjoy the rest of my life."

Weapon Expert 850~899F 2,140,000 Matthew Young male average joe researcher "You can use all of the experimental weapons developed in this room but I'm not sure how much it will be effective to the zombies."
Nuclear Expert 900~949F 2,440,000 Dennis A gray-headed old doctor who behaves with maturity even at this situation "I have suffered so many things in my 90 year old life.

The zombie accident is not surprising me at all.

It is much better than the people who made the law of game prohibition to protect children.

Bio Weapon Specialist 950~999F 2,760,000 Vanessa Middle-aged female researcher with a hysterical face "Look at the numerous zombies! It is the end ... The end came closer! Let's repent and pray to god!"