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The Vehicle is where your samples are stored when they are harvested from zombies; the games starts off with you and your first Combat Squad, the Patrol Team, rolling up in your BS Patrol truck, when you come across a crowd of panicking civilians. You rush to find zombies coming out of the building, causing you and your Patrol team to jump out, eliminate the zombies, then advance to the floors below, and that's where your story starts. Your vehicle has a set limit called Loadage, and when it reaches 100%, you cannot collect any more samples until you sell some or all of them to free space; you can purchase designs for bigger vehicles and use samples to build them when available, this is the only way to increase Loadage early in the game.

Vehicle Loadage (Sample Limit) Money Cost Samples needed for building
BS Patrol 200 Free (Starting Vehicle) N/A (Starting Vehicle)
Road Runner 800 100 1 Normal Serum
Mission Wagon 16,000 15,000 100 NS(1), 20 DS
Special Van 84,000 125,000 2,000 ES, 1,000 MS, 300 Y-kit
Security Van 198,000 1,200,000
Bear Pickup Truck 640,000
Mammoth Porter 1,000,000
Mighty Victor 2,100,000 64,000,000 360,000 DS, 4,000 YU, 1,500 GU
Mega Titan 3,200,000 480,000,000 720,000 DS, 8000 YU, 3000 GU
Neo Dinosaur 5,400,000 990,000,000

(1) NS is Normal Serum, DS is Discolored Serum, IS is Infected Serum, ES is Evolved Serum, and MS is Mutated Serum.

(2) YU is Y-Uranium, GU is G-Uranium, BU is B-Uranium, RP is R-Plutonium , and PP is P-Plutonium.